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Our hunting preserve offers top flight Pheasants, Quail, and Chukar, and is located less than two miles from beautiful Lake Cumberland in Nancy, Ky.

A variety of hunts are available from a large range of prices to choose from. These items are listed below and includes the size of the type of bird and also the price of each.

The prices however are not based on the package deals that we offer.

For more information please contact us and please note that prices are subject to change without notice.



Below you will find a list of all the package deals that we currently offer. These prices can be adjusted if an additional hunter is present or if you want to hunt an additional bird. For more information please contact us. We are here to make your hunting experience with us affordable and memorable while being hassle free.

Package #1: (10 Quail, 1 Pheasant)                                            $130.00

Package #2 (20 Quail)                                                                $200.00

Package #3 (20 Quail, 3 Pheasants)                                         $290.00

Package #4 (10 Pheasants)                                                        $300.00                                                                           

Tower Shoots: (Minimum of 10 people)             $260.00 Per Person

This is an all day event scheduled by individual. Meal and Guide Hunt follows the tower shoot.

Customized Packages are available. Price of birds below.

*These prices are with the use of your own dogs*



You can build your own package with the following price list:

Quail:                                                                                                                                                                                       $10.00

Chukkar:                                                                                                                                                                                $20.00

Pheasant:                                                                                                                                                                               $30.00   


Tower Shoot -All day event- Minimum of 10 people

$220.00 Per Person

4 hours


8 hours


Please reload

*If you are interested in Pheasant Tower Shoots, please call for more iformation about the hunt.*
*Prices are subject to change without notice.*

Rules & Regulations

1. Hunting License Required
2. Hunting Orange Required
3. No Hunting Outside Preserve
4. No Alcoholic Beverages Allowed

*Valley Oak Shooting Preserve IS NOT responsible for accidents.*

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